Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Local Breakfast!

I was looking back through the blog the other day and noticed that I had criminally overlooked one huge part of our diet: breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day, it's my favorite meal of the day and their are lots of local opportunities for ingredients.

Eggs are the most obvious thing you can get from most markets and really good sausage is the second. Windy Hill Farm has phenomenal eggs and breakfast sausage all of which I've tried and they're delicious. This past weekend I tried another brunch favorite, huevos rancheros, and some vegan sausages from this great blog. The eggs are from Windy Hill, the cheddar and apples were from Simply Local, and you can get salsa and Greek-style yogurt from many markets as well.

Huevos Rancheros (v, LPO)

1 egg per person
Cheese (small handful per person)
Tortilla chips (small handful per person)
Greek style yogurt

  1. Lightly fried the egg in olive oil until yolk is set but not hard
  2. Layer chips, salsa then egg and finally cheese and a dollop Greek yogurt

This is excellent with a little hot sauce or fresh tomatoes and onions.

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  1. I actually just had huevos rancheros for breakfast this morning! I make it in a different way, derived from a former roommate's Mexican grandmother's version. I tear tortilla (usually corn tortilla) into pieces, and saute with a little bit of butter. Right as it is starting to brown, I add in 2 eggs (blended, like you're going to make scrambled eggs) and cook until almost scrambled. While it is still a little runny, I add in some salsa (I used Pickleville's salsa today). Yum.