Thursday, January 26, 2017

Turnip the Beet and Jam!

I take no credit for the clever title on this one - I fully admit that I got it off a tote bag I found at Old Navy - but be honest, would you have opened this post if it just said "Turnips!"? Probably not. A coworker recently described the turnips she gets in her CSA box as "those weird white things I always give my neighbors" which is just sad. A turnip is just as versatile as a white potato in that you can bake them, boil them, microwave them, saute them, or shred them. Really, anything you can do to a normal white potato, you should try with a turnip. From a farmers' perspective, they're cheap to grow and the greens are also great to eat as you'll see below. I especially like mashed turnips which I do just like potatoes only drain the boiled turnips through a rice strainer for a while before mashing because they have more water than a potato, no recipe needed for that one!

Here are two super easy recipes anyone can do with turnips but regardless, give these root veggies a chance next time you see them in your CSA or at the farmers market. In Charlotte, Bell's Best Berries and Rowland Farms both have these beauties from November through whenever they run out.

Easy Peasy Sauteed Turnips (V)
4-5 large turnips, roots and greens removed (peeling is optional!) and cut in irregular ~1" chunks
2 tablespoons olive oil
1-2 teaspoons sea salt or salt of choice
  1. Heat a large saute pan with oil in it on high
  2. Once up to heat, toss in the turnips
  3. Let the turnips really cook on each side before turning, allowing them to get a nice dark color (that's the sugars coming together and is what makes them yummy), about 4-5 minutes total
  4. Serve hot
Stewed Crock Pot Turnip Greens (V)
1 large bunch turnip greens (3-4 cups), cleaned well and chopped in ~1" strips
1 cup white or apple cider vinegar
3-4 tablespoons oil olive
Salt and pepper to taste
Non-vegetarian options: if you eat meat or love butter, you can use about half a stick of butter or bones or fat from meat of your choice instead of olive oil (bacon, ham hock, butter, beef broth are all great options)
  1. Combine all of the above in your favorite crock pot. 
  2. I like to do them long and low but if you have limited time, make sure to stir often and keep the greens wets or they'll char which is not delicious.

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