Thursday, April 14, 2011

Junk Food Alternatives Part II

On Monday I posted a call for suggestions on what to do when you have a junk food craving. Here are some tips that readers posted over the week:
  • Celery and carrot sticks can help you when you need something crunchy and want to reach for a potato chip
  • If you do want "fast food", make it yourself and eat in moderation - this way you'll know what went into it and won't over eat
  • Drinking a glass of water when hungry at odd times will help the feeling pass
  • The New York Times had an interesting article about guilt-free desserts
  • Fat free yogurt with granola or fruit can satisfy your ice cream cravings
Keep sending in your healthy alternatives!

I made the granola bar recipe from the last post as well. They weren't hard at all though I did add some extra honey (from local honey maker Cloister Honey) just before turning the completed mixture into the 9 x 9 pan to help them stick together more.  

They aren't pretty but they're delicious. Also, for those of you with IBS or otherwise sensitive stomachs, I would suggest substituting crushed walnuts or additional almonds for the sunflower seeds. I used dark brown sugar, raisins and Trader Joe's organic mixed oats cereal.

I made another Windy Hill Farms whole roasted chicken on Tuesday night and used the leftover meat and bones last night to make stock.  Look for Carrot Top Soup next week when I have Thyme from my own balcony garden, carrots from the Cabarrus County Incubator Farm as well as the chicken stock. Should be local and delicious!

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