Friday, April 8, 2011

Recipes Part 5: Mushroom Chicken Omelets

My boyfriend is a gym rat like me only his interests span more towards lifting heavy things rather than running or swimming. After a workout he often asks if we can have more protein for dinner (my usual cooking talents span mostly to vegetables and desserts). This recipe is one I threw together one night using some beautiful mushrooms from Landis Gourmet Mushrooms, the leftovers of a chicken I roasted from Windy Hill Farms as well as eggs from Windy Hill.

The beauty of Landis’s mushrooms is that they grow them in a converted barn so they produce all year round. These are not your standard crimini or button-type mushrooms; they are almost leafy in a soft, meaty way. Clearly I am no expert on fungi, but they are delicious and hearty. A note about these fantastic mushrooms: I asked the farmer about how best to store them and he said to clean the mushrooms, pat them dry and store them in a plastic container with a couple holes poked in the lid in the fridge. This will make them last and keep from getting soggy.

Mushroom and Chicken Omelet
2 eggs
1 handful mushrooms
1 small handful chicken
2-3 tablespoons cheddar cheese
2 tablespoons sour cream (optional)
1 pinch salt
  1. Beat the egg and pour in frying pan with a tiny bit of melted butter to keep from sticking.
  2.  Let egg cook about half way through then add mushrooms and chicken (you can pull the mushrooms and chicken apart by hand) and let warm for 1-2 minutes
  3. Add cheese and sour cream and fold omelet
  4. Cook on both sides and serve

Unrelated note: strawberry season is almost upon us! Check out this website for a list of strawberry farms near you, most of which let you pick your own!

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