Monday, November 21, 2011

Vegan Month Part 3: Planning Vegan Meals

With the exception of eating out, this whole vegan thing really isn’t that bad. I admit that I have snuck a tater tot or two while getting drinks with friends and I had goat cheese on a sandwich this weekend but for the most part, going vegan can work for any lifestyle if you want it to. 

Vegan meals are not hard to put together. Here are some past dishes I’ve posted that are either already local and vegan or can be made so with one or two small modifications:

And finally, a menu from a dinner I put together for my household last Thursday. It just goes to show that even I, an amateur cook that just does this for my health and not for a living, can put together easy vegan meals on weeknights and weekends alike that are filling, local and vegan!

A regular Thursday meal:
Bok choi from Houston Farms, sautéed in olive oil from Ohh-lio Express
Sweet potatoes from Bell’s Best Berries, baked for 40 minutes
Gold rice from Simply Local
Beans (from Trader Joes)

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